Welcome to the wonderful world of magic!

As an online magic school with thousands of members, we want you to know that you can be confident in your child learning here on Marvin’s Magic School. Magic is an absorbing, fascinating hobby and one of the oldest known art forms.

Magic embraces creativity, imagination and learning. Children use their newly acquired magic skills to gain confidence, respect and motivation. They’ll soon be performing, creating scripts, baffling you with their new-found skills and becoming ever more confident with their social skills and interaction.


‘Marvin’s Magic taught me a huge amount, now they can do the same for you!’

Anthony Owen, award winning producer of Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic (CBBC), Derren Brown (C4), Killer Magic (BBC3), Dirty Tricks (C4). 


Your children learn safely online by watching our video content of Master Magicians teaching incredible easy-to-master magic tricks. All of the necessary props can be found around the house, with no special knowledge needed. You can choose to create a free account and receive a monthly video. Or you may choose to subscribe and become a Premium Member and have unlimited access to all of our video content.


Marvin’s Magic School is suitable for children 7+. You may wish to watch our videos and learn with your child, helping them with their dexterity skills (many parents end up learning after the kids have gone to bed!) Our members tell us this is a fun and educational family activity.

We all hear that children spend too much time in front of a screen these days. Once they’ve learned their magic tricks on our site, they’ll soon be practicing and presenting their own show, as magic is ultimately a live performance art.


Don’t forget that Marvin’s Magic have some amazing magic sets and tricks to further help your budding magician’s skills grow.


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